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Kingfisher Media Gallery

(8 objects, created 7/31/2009)

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Summary: Welcome to the Kingfisher Resort Photo Gallery!

We have changed the system to no longer require a login in order to see the public photos. In order to see your private gallery, however, you must still log in.

You can create your own gallery by creating an account and then logging in. If you do not have a login, you can create an account yourself by clicking link to create an account on this page.

Once you have created an account you can login and browse the photos as well as upload your own photos. Once we have reviewed the photos submitted we will then copy them into the public area for all to see and enjoy.

If you upload your own photos, make sure to edit the captions so we can all see who was in the pictures, etc. To edit the captions of your uploaded photos, GO TO YOUR GALLERY, select the ACTIONS button and click on Edit Captions. Make sure that you click the SAVE CHANGES button when you are done annotating your pictures.


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